STACKS Library of Truth

A science fiction thriller set
inside the Library of Congress

Discover who really controls
the Portal to TRUTH!


Stacks Truth Series: Available on Amazon in Kindle/Paperback/Audible

"What initially seems like a simple crime story expands into other realms...
A compelling mystery that combines ancient knowledge, modern evil, and unlikely heroes." - Kirkus Reviews

STACKS Library of Truth (Book 1) is a science fiction thriller that takes place behind the scenes of the Library of Congress, the largest depository of knowledge in the world, where secrets abound, and ancient symbology takes on hidden meaning.

Zach Eldridge, a 28-year-old information specialist with acquired savant syndrome, has been cryptically summoned to Washington by the Master Librarian of the Library of Congress to address a “black hole” of missing items. He arrives only to learn that the Librarian has died the night before under mysterious circumstances without leaving Zach any instructions.

While working in a closed records room, Zach accidentally opens a dimensional portal into an otherworldly Library of Truth, which has contained holographic records on everyone and everything since the beginning of time. Zach uses the information in this hidden library to become the “deep throat” to Washington, D.C. TV news reporter Cali Cavaleri, who is trying to resurrect her career. Together, the two will cause upheaval in the Nation’s Capitol as crimes against humanity surface.

To complicate matters, Zach’s access to the Library of Truth alerts the attention of an ancient society that controls the portal for their personal gain. While Zach tries to evade detection, his life takes on new meaning when he meets the Library of Congress’ pretty docent, not realizing her Senator father has deep ties to those who control this secret library.

STACKS Awakening Truth (Book 2), Zach opens new portals into ancient sites that unearth documents explaining man’s true origins, the future of the races, and the DNA sequencing that has been altered over time. What he finds is genetic dynamite. However, the key is who is behind this manipulation and whether Zach can stop them.

STACKS quickly takes the reader beyond the realms of The X-Files. Hidden under the frozen continent of Antarctica, Zach unearths an even darker alien agenda at work, which threatens the very existence of mankind, as well as the woman and child he loves. Everything is interconnected in this orchestrated Earth drama, even Zach’s own emerging role.

STACKS Truth Will Set You Free (Book 3), the third book in this fast-selling trilogy series, transports the reader to other worlds in man's search for truth and freedom. Find out what happened to Izzie and Cali as the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper. It propels the book's characters and the reader toward a final, unique, and surprising ending that will blow your mind.

STACKS Next Generation Truth (Book 4) - JUST RELEASED!!

 Sci-Fi, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Romance

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Book 4 - STACKS Next Generation Truth (Amazon Print & Kindle)


STACKS Next Generation Truth, the 4th book in this fast-selling truth series, transports the reader 20 years into the future to learn what became of the STACKS characters and how artificial intelligence has now shaped the evolution of mankind in unexpected ways.

This unusual and otherworldly love story features little Izzie March, the psychically gifted child from the first three STACKS books. Now a grown woman and a force to be reckoned with, she is a decorated Inter-Planetary Fleet Commander in charge of Earth’s primary sun portal. However, Destiny and the Library of Truth have other plans for her that will wreak havoc on her space career. Under the directive of the Interstellar High Council, she is re-assigned to return to 3rd Dimensional Earth to embark on a mysterious mission within the ranks of the Pentagon’s Department of AI.

Thrust back into the unfolding drama of Washington, she finds the Capitol to be an entirely different place, filled with deceptive illusions on a scale never before imagined. Izzie suddenly finds herself battling the powerful CEO of Tartarian Technologies, Noel Rayburn, as well as Dr. Trace Emory, a genius scientist with even greater psi abilities than herself. From day one, they get off to a combative start, as he blocks her efforts to get to the real truth behind AI’s mysterious new agenda: The Malcolm Project.

When Izzie discovers a startling truth about Emory and an ancient prophecy that includes both of them, there’s no turning back as she finds herself fighting a strange and growing attraction to her nemesis. But is it even real? Pushing her to new boundaries, she confronts the ultimate life choice--whether to follow one’s mind or one’s heart.

About The Author

Kathy J. Forti, Ph.D.

Author Kathy J. Forti is both unique and multi-faceted. Forti is a clinical psychologist and software inventor, and she leads annual tours to Egypt, where she is an explorer of all things ancient and mysterious. In her non-fiction book Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near Death Experience and Journeys Into the Mystical, she recounts her own near-death experience in 2003 and the information she brought back. Kathy enjoys weaving some of her own experiences into the STACKS book series, making it truly compelling.



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