Book 3 – STACKS Truth Will Set You Free

Let me say first that I absolutely loved writing this Trilogy Truth Series and now Book 3 – STACKS Truth Will Set you Free is available today in Kindle & Print on Amazon!  For all of you who have been writing rave reviews, I sincerely thank you for your time and wishes. It means a lot to me. The national and international interview media and podcast requests keep coming in and its been a wild ride, so the movement just keeps growing.

After completing this book I felt somewhat lost. I loved the world of STACKS  and it provided a nice escape from the real world turbulence during the last three years of writing this series.  I experienced what can only be described as post-partum depression after finishing the last chapter (a real doozy). My characters became so real for me, like a family. I didn’t want to let them go.

Everyone keeps asking ne if there will be more Truth Books after this one. I hadn’t planned on it. But then the plot came to me while riding down the freeway one day.  It came out of nowhere as I hadn’t been thinking about the books at al. It was then that I realized there might indeed be a sequel and I was not yet done with my work. Book 4 looks like it will be a 20 years later scenario with Izzie all grown up. Ass you have already surmised, I’m sure, she’s quite a force to be reckoned with. So stay tuned.

Below is the link to order my newest baby! Enjoy!


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